Best. Kid's Party. Ever!!

Play and Go, March 11, 2017

"Dust off your party pants: 11am is the new 11pm!”

"If you’re after something fun and physical to do with your kids then Kid/Dub Time Machine is for you.”

"Kid/Dub Time Machine invites parents to dance along with their children in a fun, family-friendly environment and best of all it doesn’t involve getting a babysitter or having a late night!”

Weekend Notes, 4 stars, Jan 29, 2017

"A De Lorean of disco fun - Great Scott”

"There were just as many parents up dancing with their kids, enjoying an unexpected reprise of their youth.”

"The idea to branch out with a kids version is an inspired move and a great addition to family fringe. “

Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★1/2 March 15 2017

"IT’S difficult to say who was having the most fun at dance extravaganza KID/DUB —  the parents or the children!”

"With songs ranging from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet to Darude’s Sandstorm, the kids bopped while parents relived their nightclub days.”

In Daily, ★★★★, March 14 2017

"DJ LuLu Loud is wonderful as the spunky and pert leader of the pack, and parents were having as good a time (perhaps an even better time?) as their children,”

"what do kids really like to see? Bubbles and balloons falling from the ceiling while dance music blasts and videos play on wide-screen TVs? Heck yeah!"